Crownn is a traditional independent record label  which is now registered in Milan, Italy and Athens, Greece. This new direction or transition from a “traditional indie label to artist/label branding”, was a choice made based on the amount of instant gratification online digital bands and labels that have created holes in the quality of an organic labels.


Our work ethic remains the same but just as our network partners have reminded us: - “the bands have to show their value and efforts prior to booking them a show or broadcasting their arrival.” A good brand of a band is always displayed with quality songs, quality announcements and a delivery that eventually creates a demand. We feel that an essential part of a good band worth taking a risk to listen to on any platform is decided  from more than the first 15 seconds of a  good song. 


We are aware that a release these days means submitting to the equally accessible online stores-- but everyone can do that. Our new staff structure consist of individuals that are qualified by tenure in the industry that can align artist or labels artist bio, EPK and media coordination in order for them to deliver their material to the market place. Its a system of accepting the bands as they are while helping them package their true identity. We do not prepare artist/label material that is catered to home online radio stations, personal blogs nor non-reputable sources.


Our Media/Archives page, represents the high working mechanism and adversity in what Crownn has transformed into.


We invite you to view all of our pages as well as encourage you to contact us if you, the artist, feel there is a delegated part of your program you need facilitated. No one can do everything on their own and the overly saturated industry has become just that-- Your guarantee is based on how and who you approach to deliver material to after we have worked with you. Our interest is simple; We are only interested in artist or labels that are serious about their craft.


It takes time to rub a stone that some may consider a diamond.