Our History

Crownn Recording Group was formed when two men sat in a pub called Eamonn Dorans in Dublin, Ireland in 1998 while drinking beer and listening to live music. Their primary discussion was how to put local bands music in record stores. Their motivation was based on enjoying those bands music after the shows which is what the world knows as a recordings. This idea later became a little machine known as Crownn Recording Group. The two men in question Jerome Fitts and Michael O'Mahony had no idea of how to run a record label or what sacrifices that had to be made to fulfill those artist dreams but their passion led them to try. Those efforts are the results of what is written below.

It wasn't until Jerome placed an ad on FAS (an unemployment board in Ireland) that the first team of Crownn was created. Ironically enough, the only person to answer the add was Michael O'Mahony who later became a key figure in in the formation of Crownn. 

In late 1999 Crownn signed Dublin band Solomon and released the labels first single with R.E.M's cover “Its The End Of The World As We Know It”. The radio accepted song saw the band support Shane Mc Gowan throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. The band eventually released via Crownn, the displaced E.P. “Until Tomorrow” which was supported by extensive touring throughout the Emerald Isle.

The swinging doors left open for further advancement in the industry led to signing and release of an original singer/songwriter in Alan Gogarty and his single “The Right Place” in the summer of 2000. The single reached the top 30 in several charts in Ireland.

During this time which was the height of independent record label surge, Crownn Records presence was garnering interest from major distributors on the continent of Europe. That attention was catapulted by an ill faded deal with state of the art Waters Edge Studios in Munich, Germany. The agreement was signed in the summer of 2001 as the two inexperienced forces set targets and goals within the music industry confines of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Crownn relocated to Munich in January 2002.

After five months in Germany Damian Gerard was hired as Head of Artist Relations which enabled Crownn to explore events coordination and management opportunities. Most notably the signing with the "Father of Rock and Roll"- Johnnie Johnson.


In 2003, Crownn partnered with Cargo Distribution, in which Jerome Fitts served as Head of International Affairs. That partnership led to the releases notable acts Rearview, October Episode, Ensimi, Plastica, Wallmark and its first hip-hop album in Underground Rapstarr.


Rearview, a German rock/groove bands from Aachen, Germany, saw the label step into the international field as the band recorded with famed producer Rick Moulton in Kingston, Canada. The band later released their debut“Milky Way” E.P on both sides of the Atlantic under Crownn/Cargo Records. A series of tours followed before the band jumped ship to industry pioneers and giants BMG in the winter of 2005.

October Episode and their “Silent Film” Album , a heavy metal band from Denver, Colorado, released their self titled debut album in May 2005. Their heavy duty make-up rock music was well perceived throughout their tour and release in Ireland.

The labels first hip-hop album, Underground Rapstarr, which featured Kurupt, A-Dizzle, renowned actress Michelle Rodriguez and many others was the labels first commercial success record on the continent of Europe. The album sold a staggering 3.5k copies in the first week alone and 17k in total within the first month under Cargo.

However the record was subsequently shelved due to conflicts and contracts between the producer of the record (A-Dizzle and the only German artist) on the record- Megaloh. This learning curve is what carved the due diligence process within Crownn as it was unheard of and still is today which is to pull a record that is selling from the shelf.

Ensimi, the labels Icelandic rock band toured extensively as well as being a regular on the island historic Airwaves Festival. The self title album “Ensimi” was highlighted by the single “Yug Hurts” and remained in the Irish charts for over 3 months. The bands highlight with the label was a end of tour show which saw a staggering 15,000 people witness the band take their stage in the native Reykjavik, Iceland.

In typical fashion of being different the label signed a licensing deal with Portugal premier rock band band Plastica for their sophomore effort “Velvet Underground”. Although the bands full potential wasn't reached due to the labels insubordination of priorities, the bands consistent tracks on the album sold respectively. The band eventually toured with Oasis and Alanis Morissette.

Wallmark from Birr, Ireland and their iconic Everything, Something, Anything album February 2005! The band that christened Crownn Records into a label that recognized talent and knew exactly what to do with the talent. The band played over 250 dates within a 352 date calendar year while selling out most of its shows. The record is highlighted with the single Melody and Lines. The band continued their Irish success on the continent of Europe until the latter part of 2006. Wallmark set the standard for future artist within the arches of Crownn.

After the mutually beneficial yet educational years with Cargo as distributing partners the two parties partied ways in early 2006 when Crownn was approached by powerhouse distributor(s) Groove Attack- Germany and Proper Distribution- United Kingdom for physical and digital releases. The latter is still Crownn exclusive distributor world-wide.

As the label was entering its 10 year existence, Jerome Fitts felt it was time to up the stakes and sign more stable and radio friendly bands.


Taking the risk of signing an already established band as far as Australia was considered Crownn venturing into the 3rd quarter of the music business. Crownn signed a joint licensing deal with The Beautiful Girls in early 2007 and released the bands successful album “Ziggurats”. The album charted in several countries via label partnerships and cemented the label to a recognized independent record label.

The metamorphic period of 2007-2010 led Jerome Fitts to venture more into the American market. The flawed period saw the label sign Rough Roostars (Germany). While based in Los Angeles while exploring the American market the signatures of Objex and Citizen Icon (both North American), could be the beginning of the end. Both were brilliant but neither the labels nor the bands involved were aware what was in store moving forward in the new digital age. We do however take pride in all of the  bands efforts while promoting their material via extensive tours. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg

All bands released their records respectively and toured both in North America and Europe (with the exception of Rough Roostars who canceled their American and South African tours due to visa complications). The Berlin, Germany based band album Don't Eat Snow was well perceived as they toured Germany and Ireland. It also marked the first record that was solely released digitally with a limited amount edition of CD's issued. 


The Las Vegas based band, The Objex and their debut album Reservations for Debauchery was an overwhelmingly surprise first punk rock record on the label that took the Irish Republic by storm. The band won several local awards as well as remain a household name on the west coast of North America.

Citizen Icon, an Atlanta, Georgia was the band that closed the doors prior to Crownn taking a well deserved break to reinvent and remind us why we took the road of releasing records. 

Where we are now? Follow the path via the social media platforms as well as our updated Catalog page.