In the new modern world of online artist and DIY labels that list self titled "digital status" backed with little substance to support it - Here is a list of snippets of our work.  Below you will find physical print supporting artist we believed in, tours that was promoted and records distributed in registered record stores in territories around the world. There is also the list of mistakes and choices made during a period (Crownn Sounds) in which we thought was a comeback time only to be enlighten by things that is listed in an unfortunately and unnecessary dissertation.

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The first of commission band branding by Eurovision 2018 starlets EyeCue Band. Live show promotion video. Jan.2019 

Promotional video for Afrockaine via Koma Booking  European Tour. Jan. 2019


The Bombs in the 100th Issue of

Slam Alternative Magazine- Nov. 2018 

Bellman- "Morphology" Album Release Slam Alternative Magazine June 2018

January 2018, "limited physical release" of The Stranges- continent of Europe. 

 Nov. 2016-June 2018

Our most embarrassing time frame. This was Crownn Sounds NOT Crownn Records! After a 3 and half year hiatus when we thought we were strengthening our tools. It was the first time we were introduced to racism in the entertainment world (Art?), begrudgery and the new modern online industry that consist of bands with very few to no live shows and worse- no intentions of doing any. We accept 100% of the blame for the poor choices.   These are some examples. 

The Jerome Fitts solo project/experiment that was set up to cater to bands in need of exposure and a genuine C.V. ** Download the full dissertation here.  

Commissioned to work with Andrew Mullen. November 2016 

Edited "Call To Action" promotional video. Feb. 2017

Andrew Mullen "The Devil Is Innocent" video shoot- Skopje Macedonia. July 2017 (shot on Iphone 6 sponsored by Filmakr)

Andrew Mullen *Confirmed/Cancelled Berlin show due to "no live band". Download the full dissertation here. & Booking contract PDF download!

The Stranges *Confirmed/Cancelled Berlin show due to Visa restrictions. Booking contract PDF download!

Pivatell Distribution was reactivated and renamed from Granted Distribution (est. 2004). The sole purpose was to facilitate a distribution outlet for Crownn Sounds clients. They had none nor the opportunity.  The data base (record stores) collected from Granted Distribution is the follow through for product placement. 

The "regretful" blindsided "Silverbeets" synergism. We permitted the fungus sound band to use our catalog number and logo (regretfully) while brokering their manufacturing arrangement via our sources. They paid for their own manufacturing based on our subcontracting relationship- only to ___? one month later. Download the full dissertation here

Preparing to go on a 6 country promotional stint with Andrew Mullen from Berlin, Germany to Skopje, Macedonia- July-August 2017. The promo tour was a 10 month preparation process that ended abruptly after 2 and a half weeks in Skopje. Tour is a war which requires a sacrifice for the freedom of expressions- only the strongest survives and the weak quit. Andrew was a trooper- at the very least he showed up. Click Here for the full desertation of Crownn Sounds 

Skopje, Macedonian band EyeCue was selected to participate in Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. May 2018


*Absolutely nothing.

The industry changed when we took a much needed break.


The Objex (Vegas) European tour poster. April 2010

Citizen Icon U.S Tour April 2011. The second band we have had participate on a major SXSW stage. 

The Objex (Vegas) South American press. August 2010

Berlin base, RoughRoostars and their "Dont Eat Yellow" tour poster. 


Berlin office 2007-2018

Berlin office w/ RatRun

Piranha print magazine advert. - 2007

The Beautiful Girls tour poster- 2007


Caroline Hanks and The Father of Rock and Roll "Johnnie Johnson" -Austria 2003

Rearview in Paris, preparing to fly to Kingston, Canada to record their debut E.P. "Milkyway"- 2003

Mr. Jonathan Baynes in Berlin- April 2004

Rearview sponsorship photo-shoot for OCB and K1X- Aachen- 2003

Rearview and their travel sponsorship deal!- 2003

Our distribution deal with Cargo Records- 2004

Wallmark and our Jeff after their Popkom 2004 show in Berlin- "The band that set the talent bench mark for the label"

Ensimi after their headlining show in Reykjavik, Iceland-  The band, Micheal Schuster (Cargo) and Crownn heads-2am April 2004

Ensimi sold out show in Reykjavik, Iceland- 2004

Tommy and Sarah- in the first Berlin office. 

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